Julie works for restoration within communities that hope to learn from those on the margins. She has served as an advisor to sexual minorities at Christian colleges during a time of tremendous cultural transition, and she’s been transformed by the youth she’s served in low-income communities. More than her own story and the wisdom gained through advocacy, personal relationships have shaped her vision for how we will heal.

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    A Place For LGBTQ College Students Who Won’t Feel Safe With InterVarsity

    In May of this year, I was invited by the InterVarsity chapter at UCLA to speak about what it’s like to be a gay Christian. The crowd was packed with LGBTQ students who came because they heard a lesbian Christian was going to talk about Jesus. Some came for the first time and some returned after spending some time away. They thought maybe this would be the night to come hear about Jesus....

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    Shortly after I graduated from college, I sat down with an old mentor and told her about the years that had passed since we’d last been together. I told her about the highs (like running a marathon) and the lows (like failing fitness class). We talked about my steady hope that I would win the war against my sexuality. We talked about trauma....

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    How The Church Can Show Up After The Pulse Shooting

    Just when LGBT people started to feel safe to be out and open in public, our community was targeted for the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. And within hours of learning about the massacre at Pulse, we heard a man from Indiana was arrested on his way to LA pride with three assault rifles and chemicals that could create an explosion....

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    A Response to Russell Moore’s article “The Real Meaning of Transgender Bathrooms”

    Russell Moore wrote an article today about the Obama administration’s move to protect trans students in public schools across the country. While I disagree with Moore on many topics, I respect him as a compassionate leader and I’ve appreciated the ways he’s challenged the Southern Baptist Convention to seek justice for many who have been marginalized. This article was uncharacteristically culture warry and fear-based, though....

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    Behind the Veil of Grace

    We were in Switzerland and I was too wasted to find my way home. We had hitchhiked up the mountain to grab some beers, and it was all good fun until a guy named Josh turned to me and asked what I was running from back home. Since I didn’t want to tell him that I was a Baptist and a lesbian and a speaker for an ex-gay ministry...

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    Religious Freedom Laws Gone Wrong

    It’s no surprise that after marriage equality passed last year, there’s now a backlash against LGBT people in states across the country. Conservatives feel their long-held positions of power slipping through their fingers as the public shifts to support equality for LGBT people. They’re grasping for ways to regain control....

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Julie connects with those seeking a fresh vision for community as we become more diverse (and often more divided). She speaks with humor and candor in a variety of settings, including universities, LGBT events, women’s events, and leadership conferences. Sometimes conversations about sensitive topics are more fruitful in smaller settings, so Julie also consults regularly with Christian leaders and college administrators to discuss practical ways organizations can nurture the kinds of communities where everyone feels wanted.

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